Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I delete my membership/account?

Answer: To delete your membership, you may login to your account and go to “My Account” and select “Cancel Membership”. Fill all the necessary information as requested, tick the box “I have reviewed the Advisory” and lastly click on “Cancel Membership”. Please note any unredeemed points in your account will be forfeited and expiring points cannot be extended. Hence please ensure all pending orders are received and up to date. Please also be informed that once membership is cancelled, account cannot be retrieved back.

2) Member registration fee is free.

Answer: There is no any charges or member fee when you register as member at Emall Adabi online shopping Malaysia.

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3) Can I shop at Emall Adabi Online Shopping as a guest(non-member)?

Answer: Yes. However, all the benefits for membership such as shopping history, favourites, earning Emall Adabi Super Points and using coupon discounts are all unavailable.

4) How Long Is my membership for?

Answer: There is no expiry date to your membership.

5) I forgot my username and password. What should I do?

Answer: Please set up new password on the registration page.

1) What is Adabi Super point?

Answer: You will get redeem point when purchase item via Emall Adabi. Adabi Super point cannot be used to purchase item from Emall Adabi.The advantage of Adabi Super Point is to reduce the total price you have purchases with us.

2) Will the Emall Adabi Super Points be refunded if the order was cancelled and when will it be refunded?

Answer: Order was cancelled due to an unsuccessful payment, the system will refund the Emall Adabi Super Points back into member account within 1 ~ 5 hours. Confirm your points transaction once you the point had been revert back to your member account at this link >>

3) How are points calculated?

Answer: 1X Points for all purchases:

  • For every RM 10.00 spent (not including shipping fees), you will earn 1% Emall Adabi Super Point.
  • These 1X points are Regular Points (they do not expire unless you do not shop with Emall Adabi for a year). Emall Adabi Malaysia’s Super Points Conversion Rate is 1 Super Point = RM0.01

1) Can I Cancel My Order and Obtain Refund?

Answer: You can cancel the order and you will get the refund if the product is not shipped. We apologize there is no refund if the product is already on the way to your shipping address.

NOTE: In certain circumstances such as “Out of Stock”, we will then cancel your order and refund the payment.

2) The Product I Received is Faulty or Defect?

Answer: We will give you an equal value of voucher for you to exchange products in our online store. Prior that, the Faulty and Defect item has to be returned to our retail store at Lot 136, Rawang Integrated Industrial Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. We may not provide the exchange or refund service if the defected product is caused by human behaviour, miss usage, or delivery service providers.

NOTE: We will not provide any refund, exchange or receive any return goods if the products are not attached with the brand “Adabi”. The online store will not accommodate purchase from retail store as well as the terms and policy apply. We recommend you to raise up the issue through email at[email protected] to us before any action is made.

3) Can I change my order?

Answer: Kindly refer to our merchant directly if you have any inquiry regarding shipping policy since they are the one who will arrange shipping for customer. You may contact our merchant directly and their contact details can be obtain at the item page itself which is on the header of the page.

Note: Emall Adabi Malaysia will not be held responsible for the seller’s liability arising in connection with exchange & return.

4) How do I cancel my order?

Answer: To cancel your order, please contact the merchant (contact details are available at the “Contact Us” section).

Once you have received your cancellation confirmation email, you can expect any credit authorisations within 2 to 3 working days and funds to be released back into your account up to 7 working days, subjected to processing duration of your bank.


**You will be charge for the cancellation order.

**If you have forgotten to redeem any form of discounts (ie. points/coupon) upon checkout of the order, please kindly note that due to operational reasons, cancellation will not be entertained. (Warning: Please kindly make sure all points/coupon/discounts have been applied before placing an order as all transactions are final.)

**Upon the “Completion” of your order”), Emall Adabi will not be able to refund you. Please kindly contact the merchant for refund proced.

5) Can I get refund or return for the broken and wrong item I have received?

Answer: Yes you will be refund and return for the broken and wrong product have been delivered from Emall Adabi. Kindly, you have to follow this step to get refund and return the item:

  • Take the picture of item and send to us code order number and bar code of item at [email protected].
  • Emall Adabi will confirm your item and reply to you as soon as possible through call and email
  • Kindly if are you in the right position Emall Adabi will proceed for your refund and return item but you need to post the broken and wrong item to us.
  • You will receive your item back depend on delivery time at Emall Adabi delivery policy.

1) How can I use coupon?

Answer: Coupon can only be redeemed once per member.

A minimum purchase of RM20 is required when you apply coupon code/Emall Adabi Super Points upon order checkout. (T&C might vary according to campaign)

2) How do I use a coupon code on a smartphone?

Answer: If you have a coupon code, please remember to following the following step

  1. Sign in (at the top of the page)
  2. If items have been added, click on ‘Cart’, then you will see your items in ‘My Shopping Cart’. / or Kindly click on *Add to Cart* on the selected item.
  3. If everything looks correct, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ (you will need to sign in again, then click on Member Checkout – please note, you are NOT paying yet).
  4. Please ensure shipping details are correctly entered with the appropriate shipping option chosen, then click on ‘Continue to Next Step’
  5. You are now at the ‘Checkout Payment’ page, please select payment method, enter your details accurately.
  6. Under the “Coupon Code No (Optional)” field, please fill this in if you have a coupon code. (Please noted that the coupon codes is only valid for once for each customer).

3) How many times can I redeem a coupon?

Answer: All Emall Adabi coupons are only available for a single-redemption with a single merchant.

To redeem a coupon, shopper has to be a Emall Adabi Member at the point of purchase.

An error will occur if a shopper tries to redeem the same coupon for a second time.

Each shopper is only entitled to one redemption of a coupon discount per day even if the shopper have multiple accounts.

Emall Adabi reserves the right to cancel orders for multiple redemption of the same coupon.

If a shopper is detected to attempt multiple redemption continuously, Emall Adabi reserves the right to ban the shopper from our mall.

4) Why is my coupon/promo code not working?

Answer: Kindly please check if your item price meets the minimum amount requirement of RM20 spent (before shipping fees are applied)

Also, check if the code that you have entered is UPPER or lower case.

The usage of coupon/promo codes is only valid for registered member of Emall Adabi Malaysia (i.e. guest orders cannot get a discount using coupon/promo codes).

1) Are the products Halal?

Answer: Yes, we have Halal manufacturing status approved by Malaysian Local Government Authority. All of our own “Adabi” manufacturing products are certified Halal.

2) Is It Possible to Purchase All the Products Range in the Retail Store Through Online?

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same product variety between the retail and online store. As the variation of products are different in different branches and retail stores. All the online products are solely provided by Headquarter Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd at Lot 136, Rawang Integrated Industrial Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

NOTE: Most of the Adabi products can be purchased online. Having said that, we will continue liaise with our partners and suppliers in order to provide more product variety in our online store.

3) Can I Use Smartphone and Tablet to Make Orders?

Answer: Our website is designed to fit all the mobile devices. Please try to login through your preferred device.

NOTE: We DO NOT have any mobile application for the store.

4) How soon will my Emall Adabi Super Points get credited?

Answer: 1x Regular point reward and coupon reward reflected at checkout are usually automatically credited upon completion of an order, 1 day after an order is updated to “Shipped” by the merchant.

For Klang Valley:

For example, if “Ship Date” reflected in “My Orders” list is 01/01/2015, your order status will be updated to “Completed” automatically by the system 2 days later, 02/01/2015 and your regular and coupon credited on the same day.

For Peninsular Malaysia:

For example, if “Ship Date” reflected in “My Orders” list is 01/01/2015, your order status will be updated to “Completed” automatically by the system 4 days later, 05/01/2015 and your regular and coupon credited on the same day.

Sabah & Serawak:

For example, if “Ship Date” reflected in “My Orders” list is 01/01/2015, your order status will be updated to “Completed” automatically by the system 7 days later, 08/01/2015 and your regular and coupon credited on the same day.

To check your order status and order history, please click here

Please kindly note that bonus points usually have a life span of between 1 weeks to 2 weeks and redeem them before expiration as Emall Adabi Malaysia will not accede to extension requests.

5) Where I can check my order?

Answer: In order to access your order list, go to the following link;


Non-member: Customer have to register with the same email address that he/she used to purchase an order.

ID/PW for member and order number/Email address for non-member are required.

In addition, you can make a payment here as well.

6) Can I change my order?

Answer: Once your order has been place and submitted, shoppers cannot change the billing information, shipping address, or delivery method as our sellers will be handling all aspects of the order process without interfere from Emall Adabi as we will focus on the billing process.

If you wish to change any order under some circumstances, kindly cancel your order and place a new one with the correct information.

Please go here for more information regarding on how to cancel your order.

7) I buy my products regularly. Can I make a repeat order?

Answer: If you are our registered member, you can easily reorder your products from the order history.

8) When I get coupon code and it advantage?

Answer: You can get coupon code through Emall Adabi website, our social media like facebook, twitter and instagram and on ground activity of Adabi.You can use the coupon code to get discount for purchases the selected item in the certain period that will be arranged by Emall Adabi.

1) Where can I check my orders?

Answer: In order to access your order list, go to the following link;


Non-member: Customer have to register with the same email address that he/she used to purchase an order.

ID/PW for member and order number/Email address for non-member are required.

In addition, you can make a payment here as well.

2) How do I replace an order?

Answer: Fast, safe and secure, ordering at Emall Adabi is easy.

After you’ve added items to your Shopping Cart, just follow the simple checkout steps and we’ll get your order processed right away. You can also save items in your Wishlist to see previously browsed items.

You can place an order with the following simple steps: Sign-in > Category/size/quantity > add to cart > Proceed to checkout > Checkout > Shipping Option > Payment option(apply RSP/coupon) > Payment Process > Order Complete

3) Is there a limit to the quantity I can purchase?

Answer: The quantity limit depends on the current stock availability. For bulk purchases, kindly contact our Customer Service.

4)  I can´t find the products that I want.

Answer: We may change our product selections from time to time due to that you may not be able to find some products. Please contact our Customer Service for further inquiry.

1) Any Tax Charges?

Answer: No, we don’t put extra tax charges to your order. There is no government sales or service taxes.

2) Is the Site Secured?

Answer: Yes, our store has implemented a SSL security layer (HTTPS) for data protection in account and sensitive data information page.

NOTE: An advanced SSL security layer (HTTPS) will be integrated in near future.

3) How do I make a contact with merchant?

Answer: Customer can find Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd at website’s header or contact page.

4) I would like to purchase some products. How do I place an order?

Answer: When you find the product you like, click on “Add to Cart” button and finalize your order at the Checkout page.

5) I have added products to the shopping cart. Can I change the quantity ordered?

Answer: Yes, you can. In the Shopping Cart page, just change the quantity and proceed.

6) There are some products in my shopping cart from my previous incomplete purchase. How do I remove them?

Answer: View your shopping cart and click on “x”.

1) What is the Payment Options?

Answer: Currently we only accept ipay88 and PayPal.

2) Do you offer direct bank transfers / Atm Transfer / Cash Deposit / Cash On Delivery (COD)?


As for this moment, we do not offer any direct bank transfers / Atm Transfer / Cash Deposit / cash on delivery (COD) payment mode for all/any purchases perform within our website. This is due to unforeseen circumstances. Kindly note Offline payment feature will be disabled until further notice.

Please note that all other current modes of payment will still be available i.e. credit card, internet banking and ipay88.

We do regret any/all inconvenience caused.

Your understanding and kind cooperation on this matter is much appreciated.

3) I still have an unpaid order, where can I pay for it?

Answer: At this time, there might be 2 kinds of result, Paid or Unpaid.

If paid, system update from Temporary Order to Real order, and Emall Adabi staff can see it in any page. At this time order placed notification email is sent to Emall Adabi Staffs and customer.

If Unpaid(including failure,  and no payment result),  system cancels the order, so the order is changed from Temporary Order to Cancelled Order, and also invisible for Emall Adabi staff. If customers used any points or coupon on the order, when order is cancelled, points are refunded to customers real-timely, and coupon is released real-timely.

Kindly remake Payment again to place order.

4) What are my payment options?

Answer: Emall Adabi Online Shopping Malaysia currently accepts following payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • Ipay88
  • Emall Adabi Super Points

We accept payment in Ringgit Malaysia (RM):

By Credit Card 

We accept MasterCard and VISA (issued by Malaysia-registered bank & Singapore-registered bank ) only. There will be no additional surcharge for MasterCard or Visa payment.

By Online Bank Transfer 

You may make online payment/transaction via major banks listed below, or Celcom Air-cash:

Maybank2u Online , CIMB Clicks Online , Alliance Online , AmBank Online , Hong Leong Bank Online , RHB Online , Mobile Money , Web Cash , Financial Process Exchange (FPX)*

*FPX is a multi-bank internet-based online payment hub, jointly developed by Financial Institutions and owned by MEPS. The participating banks are Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Public Bank Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank Berhad and RHB Bank Berhad. 

We are partnering with Malaysia Most Trusted Payment Gateway (ipay88) , a payment gateway provider by, to offer quick , safe and secure online payment platform. iPay88 is authorized to receive payment on our behalf.

The name of will appear in your payment statement.

Also Emall Adabi allows you to pay with any single payment method, a mix of Emall Adabi Super Points™ and the others or a mix of a RaCoupon and the others.

Kindly email to [email protected] if you wish to double check your transaction status.